Sustaining technology has made our life effortless and more independent; every one of us consumes the benefits of tools and gadgets to save time as well as to save energy. From the start, we have always learned to use the first aid kid in case of an injury or an accident. Similar is in the case of the usage of tools. Being a householder, you are responsible for the maintenance of your house, whether if it is an electrical decampment or breakage of a water tap. You cannot always run to the electrician or plumber to fix it.

In such circumstances, you have to learn the basics and have the accurate tools at your home so that you will be able to handle the situation.


 We have gone throughall the necessary research to handpick the 10 most essential tools that you must have at home:

  1. BEETLE:

A beetle isthe most essential tooland is also known as a “claw hammer”. One side of a beetle is flat and is primarily used for digging nails into the walls while the other side has a V-shaped notch use for pulling out the nails.


In any household, one of the most frequently used tools is a screwdriver and it is utilized for a lot of reasons for instance removing light switches covers, tightening doorknobs, or  setting of screws.


Wrenches are used for the tightening and loosening of items such as nuts and bolts and pipe fittings. They come in multiple sizes.


An electrical tester is used to measure tons of electrical parameters, from current to continuity, voltage, and beyond. Highly used by electrical contractors for several electrical purposes.


Pliers are available in various shapes, and each one for a specific reason, one type is used for twisting wires while the other is used for gripping something round like a rod or a pipe.

  •   CHAIN SAW:

A chainsaw is a battery-operated tool, primarily used in cutting, limbing, and bucking in the harvesting of firewood with the help of a set of teeth attached along a rotating chain.


 An electric drill is used for multiple maintenance purposes one of the best uses of a drill is that it is used to make round holes into the wall before adding a nail into it.

  • HAND SAW: 

If you want to cut something on an immediate basis, for instance, you need a piece of tree wood, with its widely spaced teeth hand saw will do the job for you.


A tape measure is a flexible ruler that is used to measure distance or size during metalworking operations. It contains a plastic, fiberglass, or a ribbon of cloth with linear measurement markings. It is an essential measuring tool in any household.


Last but not the least, flashlights works as a source of light in case of power outages or when light is needed in a dark place.