Bathroom is that part of our house which is rarely noticed by people, but when it is, it can actually tell a lot about the people living there. Bathroom designs can often be costly if you are considering renovating it along with other sections of your home. However, if you know how to pull it through in a given budget, especially if you’re hosting an open house, then you can get yourself the bathroom of your dreams.

Todd Divine Homes offers you the best and affordable bathroom designs to choose from. Here we are listing down a few ideas on how to decorate your bathrooms without overdoing it and the results could be as per you desire.

  • Paint

Your whole idea of having a perfect bathroom depends upon what colour you choose for it. The colour of your walls is what can make your rooms look like a mess or make it a masterpiece. Now to begin with, think about the design you want to pursue and what colour will go with it. Once you are done thinking, then only paint your walls accordingly. Nowadays, one coloured wall is super trendy. Colours like beige, white, grey, light blue are in style. Just pick a colour and spread it all over your walls.

  • Floor and wallpapers

The other thing that can do wonders to your bathroom is the flooring. Deciding between marbles and tiles can be a tough decision, but once you have selected the colour for your walls, then it can fall easy upon you to choose. To add on, wallpapers can look amazing while decorating your bathrooms. Look for something that is not too out there and seems subtle yet sophisticated. Do remember to put it on the walls where it will actually look good. You surely don’t want to overdo it.

  • Shelves

Shelves are not only used to arrange your things in order, but they can also bring out the beauty of your bathroom. Find the correct spot and install a few shelves accordingly, then put a few things on it like your body wash, shampoo, soap and other decorative items. If need be don’t hesitate to add some fake plants on it or around it. Plants can give a colourful look to your decoration and will go great with whatever style you are opting for here.

  • Curtains

Curtain shopping can be pretty fun and to add an extra dimension to your bathroom, choosing the correct curtain can be a task. If you have light walls, then you can either go for a curtain which is same in the colour, but if you are someone who likes to do things differently, then you can mix and match. Keep in mind that patterns can also play a huge role. Colourful or floral patterns can be used as your shower curtains and they will look trendy.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors can enhance the beauty of your walls not only in your bathroom but in every other room of your house. Instead of putting a big mirror in your bathroom, go for little ones that too of different shapes and sizes.