When it comes to home security, one can get quite finicky and demanding. Who would want their property to be prone to vandalism and theft especially in a time when inflation is on the rise and more and more people are resorting to criminal activities in order to make both ends meet. According to a survey, at least 54,200 cases of house break-ins were reported across Australia in 2017-18, which is although a mere 2.2% of the population but that doesn’t mean your house is safe from a potential break in.

In order to help you get peace of mind and secure your home against possible thefts and burglaries, we have listed down 8 unusual home security tips that you might have never thought of.

Tip#1 – Fool the thieves: Never let anyone know that you are not at home for longer spans especially when you go away for a business trip or a vacation. Houses are more likely to experience break-ins when the home owners are away for a longer duration. In order to avoid people observing your absence from home, get a home automation system installed at your property which gives you complete access to your home security system, fire alarms, motion sensors as well as the lights installed around your house. With a home automation system, you can schedule to turn the lights at your home on and off remotely fooling the thieves into believing someone is at home.

Tip#2 – Eliminate all those Hiding Places: Bushes and shrubs around the property are a perfect place for the thieves to hide. It is best that you clear any plantation around your main entrance and trim the trees that give access to your windows. Additionally, also see if there are any dark spots around your house which could allow burglars to break in to your house under the cover of darkness. Install a few lamps and lights here and there and don’t forget to turn them on during the night time to keep the space around your home properly illuminated. Remove any stools, ladders or kids toys that might come in handy for the thieves to break in.

Tip#3 – Reinforce Security of Your Doors: Install sturdy doors in order to block thieves from breaking in. If you have sliding doors, secure those further by adding installing additional security bars which makes breaking into the sliding doors difficult. You can also add more support to your door by installing automatic locks, bolts, and further theft detection by adding motion sensors to your door. Always remember to lock your doors and windows before going to sleep or before leaving your home for a vacation.

Tip#4 – Install Smart Security Systems: Technology has progressed at a rapid day and with each passing day, new technology is being introduced to make our daily lives more convenient and independent. Choose from the many options available online and install an all-inclusive smart security system with multiple monitoring cameras, motion sensors as well as fire alarms. You can get all of this integrated with your smartphone and get instant access of whoever gets in and out of the house while you are gone.