A Moroccan rug can light up your dull area and transform it into a fresh one. You might think the main hassle was choosing the right rug for your place. While it’s partly correct, the real hassle starts when you bring the rugs home, and it’s time to style them. You can feel confused regarding where to put what kind of rug.

So, if you are dealing with the aftermath of buying a Moroccan rug, then don’t worry. This blog contains tips for beginners who have bought rugs for the first time. Let’s dive into these five amazing tips without wasting any more minutes!

Layering The Rugs

It might sound odd at first, but once you try it, you will use this trick whenever you have extra pennies to spend on rugs. The width of vintage Moroccan rugs is usually up to 7 feet. So, you can buy the one with the maximum width and the other having one or two feet short width.

Make sure that the 7 feet rug is plain and simple as you will put it underneath the shorter one. The one you are going to place on the top should have patterns. This setting looks so good and gives a classy look to your house.

Design Around The Smaller Size Vintage Rugs

It can sound absurd how you can design around a rug. Well, hear us out! If you have got a shorter rug and can not decide where to place it, you can use a little bit of creativity here. Check the rug size and see which furniture in your living area matches the size.

For instance, if the small glass table in your living area matches its size, you can place the rug under it. It will instantly enhance the appeal of your table.

Use More Than One Rug

You can buy multiple rugs with the same design or a design that is compatible with the pattern of the other rugs. Just be more creative and use your imagination to figure out what kind of patterns will look good together. Also, if you cannot find large rugs, you can simply take the same design rugs.

 Once you place them together in the area, they won’t look out of place. Sometimes, after placing the rugs on the floor, they look like one massive rug. Moreover, you can use this trick when one large rug is costlier compared to two or more small rugs.

Rugs Are Not Just For Living Room

You can use different rugs in different areas of your house. They are not confined to just your living room. For your bedroom, you do not need a large rug. A simple small, plush rug will give a cozy touch to your room. There are also some types of rugs that you can place in your bathroom.

Go For the Customisation Option If Available

It’s true that there are plenty of options available in the market. And you can’t get enough of them. Due to this reason, you might think that custom-made rugs can be a hassle. However, it’s not the case. If you have this option, then you should definitely take advantage of it.


Styling a Moroccan rug is not that hard; you just need to play around with some colors and patterns. Use your imagination for inspiration. After all, nobody knows your home better than you. If you are looking for Moroccan rugs, then you can find the best Moroccan rugs at Barefoot Gypsy.