Having a hobby provides a healthy outlet that helps you feel relaxed and fulfilled. Photography as a hobby does this well. It’s fun to learn photography as it’s all about capturing moments creatively, making it a super rewarding hobby. If 2022 was all about returning to normal life, spending quality time with friends and family, and getting out on the road again, then 2023 is the year to take time for yourself to learn a new hobby. Our favourite, hands down, is photography.

Here, we’ll go through the reasons you should be starting photography as a hobby this year, as well as some photography tips for beginners and recommendations on which digital cameras are great to start out with. Here are some of the main reasons we encourage you to start photography as a hobby:

  1. Photography can be enjoyed and practised everywhere

On a rainy weekend stuck at home, an exciting trip away, or even throughout any given day, photography can elevate each experience and help you pass time. Snap exciting memories and romanticise the mundane moments with a touch of creativity.

  • Creative photography is accessible to all

This isn’t to say that great photography does not take years of dedication and trial and error, but self-expression through photography can be easier and faster to master than other art forms. Artistic mediums such as painting or sculpting don’t always allow such instant results.

  • Taking photos is the best way to document important events

With photography as your hobby, you might find your camera always by your side. This is great to capture historical events as well as beautiful personal events with skill and technique to snap important moments in time.

  • Photography gets you out of your comfort zone

Picking up photography as a hobby is a great excuse to go out and enjoy nature, or explore parts of a city you’d normally not visit. Socially, photography is a great way to connect with others while simultaneously being a creative outlet.

  • There’s always room for growth with photography

As a medium based on technology, there’s always something to learn. Start with the basics, discover styles of photography you prefer, hop between a few, and learn to master amazing techniques. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned photographer, there’s always something to learn, and always a way to push your photography game a little further.

Our top tips for starting photography

While analogue photography as a hobby has its perks, it can become rather expensive because of film and processing costs. Digital photos are faster, easier, and cheaper to create. While there’s always something to learn, here are our top photography tips for beginners, followed by a couple of digital cameras that are great for those starting out in the photography realm:

  • Get to know your camera’s manual mode. While this might be daunting at first, it’ll make you a better photographer in the long run. Having more control over settings allows for more creativity.
  • Shoot in RAW. This allows for higher-quality images and better adjustment in the post-production phase.
  • Learn how to edit photos with software. This step not only helps you create beautiful images, but it’s an opportunity to reflect on ways to improve the next time you’re out snapping.
  • Understand white balance. Learn how to get rid of tinged images by setting your digital camera’s white balance.
  • Learn about the big three. Shutter speed, ISO, and aperture can help you get the exposure just right, which will carry your images a long way.
  • Adopt the rule of thirds. Some people have an eye for composition naturally, others need to work on it. This applies to many visual mediums such as painting, design, and filmmaking.
  • Find inspiration. Be inspired by the best! Whether it’s street photography, portrait photography, landscape, or fine art, keep your passion for your newfound hobby alive by observing creative possibilities mastered by the pros.

Not sure which camera is the best for your hobby? Whether it’s your first-ever camera or you’re looking for something more advanced than your current camera, here are some great digital cameras we can recommend:

  • Canon EOS 200D MK II. This camera is great for beginners, plus it’s lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can always have your camera at the ready.
  • Nikon Z50. Also portable thanks to its light mirrorless body, this Nikon is easy for users to wrap their heads around. It offers many of the functions of more high-end cameras but in a smaller and more affordable package.

Time to get started with photography!

It’s time to learn something new and experience self-expression through photography. For more camera-buying guidance to help you develop photography as a hobby in 2023, visit a Ted’s Cameras store and ask one of their camera experts for help!