No, a transportable home is not an RV that you see around. That’s a recreational vehicle. A transportable home is an actual home. But, it is movable, too. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Are you still confused? Well, let’s clear out the misconceptions about a transportable home.

What Is A Transportable Home?

Conventionally, a transportable home gets built into a factory. It can be available in various materials, but wood is the primary choice. Sure, it can have a concrete base and other withstanding aspects, as well.

After the construction in a factory, the home gets transported to the location. Therefore, most transportable homes generally have single-time transportation. You order them and then get them shipped to install them on a site.

However, you can very well detach the house and transport it somewhere else if you’re moving away. The means of transportation are usually trucks and the highway. Ergo, you need roads that would make it convenient to transport them home. That’s the only drawback worth considering of a transportable home.

Benefits Of A Transportable Home

A transportable home is cheaper to build than a sturdy home. How is that possible? Let’s look at some factors:

  • It takes less time for a factory to create the house. Comparatively, you save at least three to five months if you get a transportable home.
  • Traditional homes require frequent transportation of building materials and other goods. That can be pretty costly collectively. Transportation homes only require the entire transportation process just once. Thus, making it more budget-friendly.
  • You need to own a piece of land to place a transportable home, but you can also rent it. Alternatively, you don’ take loans on the home, but on the land. That way, you save a lot of other challenges.

The accumulation of these factors certainly makes a transportable home a better choice.

Transportable Homes Are Not Small

There’s a misconception that transportable homes can only be small in size. That’s not true at all. Indeed, it is easier and faster to build smaller homes. Most factories have tiny homes with one or two-bedroom sets as default settings. But, you can order and get customized houses, even up to four bedrooms, to a small villa.

Of course, it would impact the cost of transportation and need a proper pathway. But that’s about it. If you can tolerate or overcome these problems, a transportable home is a much better choice.

As a pro tip, consider a small house if you move frequently (once a couple of years). If you start having a larger house, consider getting a permanent settlement.

Let’s Not Forget About The Ease Of Move

If you want to sell your land and move to a new place, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of your house. You can just pack and lock it entirely for transportation services to move it. That way, you won’t have much to pack, and it is much easier to move.

So, with that in mind, hopefully, you learned everything essential about transportable homes. If you are interested, you can give Todd Devine Homes a try and find yourself a good choice.