What’s the difference between bunk beds and lofts? Before you get to set your furniture right, it is pivotal to consider the essential aspect of your life – sleep. Bunk beds and lofts both are great for space conservation. Many people even think them to be the same type of furniture option. However, there are some key differences, and this guide will help you choose the right choice for you:

What Are Bunk Beds?

Bunk beds are a construct of two or more beds aligned together. One bed holds the ground level, while another one is placed on top of it. There are bunk beds as high as three beds in a line and so on.

Modern innovations have made it possible to have various designs for bunk beds like L-shaped, which might have three beds and many other options. Some even have a full-sized or double-bed in the bottom and another added on the top.

What Are Lofts?

Correlatively, lofts are just elevated beds with space below them. These are the beds that have space under them for you to use. Some loft beds come with a complete storage unit or study with the bed on top of it. You can use it for placing a study table or any other furniture you’d like.

In simple words, lofts don’t have a bed on the ground. These are elevated beds used in tiny houses or rooms to conserve space for other things.

How To Choose The Right One – Bunks Vs. Lofts?

Both of these are a brilliant option for you if you want to save space, either by sharing a room to sleep in or for another reason. Often, bunk beds work great with kids, like siblings sharing a room while also having enough stuff for them.

  1. Consider The Sleeping Requirements

If two or more people share a room and need to sleep together, you can consider a bunk bed. A bunk bed can have multiple beds and conserve space. However, if there is just a single person, you can consider a loft bed.

  1. Lofts Are Better For Productivity In A Limited Space

If you need to add a table, cabinet, and other furniture while also have space to sleep, lofts can be great. Modern times have made smaller or compact apartments and homes a standard integration. If you have a single room but need to fit everything in it, a loft bed would be great.

  1. How Do You Like To Sleep?

Do you like sleeping elevated from the ground level? The loft is an excellent choice for one person. However, a bunk bed also gives the same sensation, but you will also have a ground-level bed if you feel like changing your sleeping to that.


Once you determine which one of these is right for you, you can also go ahead and check out options like a double loft bed at Wesco Hub. These tend to bring you some brilliant additions for houses with space conservation. Either way, lofts or bunks are great for a more innovative way to live in modern times.