Homeowners require renovations and uplifts to their houses every now & then and usually require contractor services to do the job for them. This need primarily arises for when people are considering selling their properties and preparing for open houses, or otherwise for annual maintenance purpose of their residential property.

For more detailed reconstruction, people often hire full fledged renovation services. For such projects, Bobcat hire services at MACS Australia offers detailed services. However, if you are looking for ordinary renovations in your home, you can conveniently get them done by an individual builder.

A builder’s tool arsenal is essential for efficiency and promptness. Without a proper toolkit, construction or renovation of a property for a builder can be quite a cumbersome task. A well-organized toolkit also comes handy for builders working on contracts with big construction companies, since these companies usually assign projects on a short notice.

With this guide improve your building game by preparing the ultimate ready-to-go tool kit that will help you tackle almost every project.

Here’s all that you need to have in your tool kit

  1. Screw Drivers: Screw drivers are most essential to any toolbox. You could either keep a single interchangeable screwdriver, or one with a Philip head. However, the best way is to keep a set of small screwdrivers with different head sizes which allow you to fasten screws of different shapes and sizes. Screw drivers with magnetic tips are even better as they don’t let your screws drop around and disappear.
  2. Hammer & Nails: What’s a toolbox without a hammer in it? A standard sized hammer with a comfortable wooden grip is one of the most important tools for a construction worker. Not only the hammer can be used to knock nails into surfaces, but can also be used to flatten or crush things.
  3. Measuring Tape: A measuring tape comes quite handy to builders especially those looking after home renovations and furniture rebuilding. From sizing rooms and areas to measuring a piece of furniture, measuring tape is required before almost any construction or renovation job is started. Additionally you can also add a level or a metal ruler in your toolkit which helps in measuring solid surfaces and drawing markers before cutting a piece of wood or metal.
  4. Power Drill:  Power Drills are very important when it comes to installing shelves, pelmets, headboards, and railings etc. Whenever you want to drill a hole in a wall, door or any other hard surface, power drill does that for you in a matter of seconds. You could either choose a battery operated power drill or one that works with a power cord plugged into a switch, in either way, it is extremely essential for every builder as it saves a lot of time for making holes in hard surfaces manually using a hammer and nail.
  5. Saw: Cutting wooden boards is usually one of the key requirements during renovation or reconstruction projects. That’s where a saw might come really handy. For a perfect builder’s arsenal, saw is absolutely essential. You can also opt for a powerful electrical saw but if you don’t want to invest that much on your basic tool box, a manual saw will be as good.

With those tools in your arsenal, you are good for absolutely any last minute renovation job!