Every home buyer wants to have the dream space indoors, but also outdoors, including the garden. So, it would help if you gave it the care it needs. You need to try to get rid of weeds that can grow everywhere, spoiling the look of your beautiful garden or getting in the way of your vegetable garden crops. However, the task is far from easy. You will have to be vigilant and use every weapon at your disposal to control the appearance of these pesky weeds.

Although they are not easy to eradicate and there is no single method for doing so, it is possible, so it is essential to know the different methods that exist to use the most appropriate one.

Are all weeds the same?

No. That’s why the type of weed lurking in your garden will determine how to eradicate it, and how easy or difficult it will be for you.

Weeds can be annual or perennial. The former arises from seeds and live for only a few months, during which time they grow, release their seeds, and die. Most weeds are of this type.

Perennial weeds, on the other hand, can live for many years, despite our efforts to kill them. We pull them out, but it is difficult to kill the underground roots and they resprout again and again. Fortunately, each time we pull them out they become weaker, and we eventually get rid of them, but it takes patience and hard work.

Methods to remove weeds

  • The manual procedure: one of the easiest ways to get rid of weeds in the garden or vegetable patch is to pull them out by hand.  For best results, water the soil the day before so that it is softer and wetter and easier to pull weeds.
  • Brush cutter: A brush cutter is a very practical machine for cutting grass.  It has a plastic or nylon line that is used to cut all kinds of weeds at ground level. Although it does not kill perennial weeds, it does kill annual weeds and keeps the garden clean. It will also help to shape the edges of your lawn.
  • Herbicides: When weeds are resistant, this is the time to use this method. For domestic use, herbicides that are applied to the leaves are usually used. They can be contact, systemic, selective, and total. To use them, it is necessary to know about the weeds in your garden and what you want to eliminate.

Are there alternatives? 

Yes, natural remedies. They are also practical, safe, and less polluting. Some are boiling water, borax, salt, and vinegar. Without a doubt, a great alternative is to buy agricultural weed sprayer because it is an advanced treatment to remove the weed.

Remember that the most important thing to maintaining a beautiful garden is prevention. Even if weeds are not eliminated, it is possible to keep them under control. Get into the habit of cleaning up very well, do not water areas of the garden where you have no and if you see weeds, remove them immediately before they spread throughout the garden.