The biggest way you can make your business profitable is by satisfying your customers. You can do that by providing them with facilities that make it convenient for them to purchase your product. Your delivery service should show your commitment to consistency in order to build customer loyalty. Here is how you can do all that.

24/7 Customer Service

To create a truly customer-centric supply chain, ensuring the availability of customer service facilities 24 hours every day is important. Consumers, especially the ones in a different time zone, might not be able to ask for customer support during your specific office hours. It is natural for them to contact customer support when it is convenient for them.

So, you must try to provide customer service around the clock all seven days of the week. You can use various methods like Call, chat, chatbot, email, contact form, and more.

Personalised Product Recommendations

Sending personalised recommendations to customers about products is another way to improve customer experience. For that, you must look at their purchase history and other data they have provided willingly regarding their preferences. Using all such data, you will be able to personalise your recommendations to them. When they get recommendations that speak to them, it will not only make them buy from you but also make them loyal to you.

Collection of Customer Experience Data

To enhance customer experience, you must know about your consumer base. Who are your customers? What are their preferences? What are their purchasing habits? What are their preferred modes of delivery and payment? All of these questions and more can help you learn information about your customers. This type of data allows you to improve their experience by adjusting your supply chain’s operations for their convenience.


You need to be honest and transparent with your customers in order to keep them loyal to you. By showing correct information about your inventory levels to the customers buying from you, you are showing them that you believe in complete transparency. It also makes it convenient for the customers to choose the products they wish to buy.

If they know a product is sold out, they won’t request it but if they don’t know of its unavailability, they might request it. You will then have to inform them that it’s out of stock. This is highly inconvenient for both you and them. This is why transparency is important.

Quick Return & Exchange Facility

The facility of quick return & exchange of your product in case of any issues with the order of delivery is extremely important to ensure consumer satisfaction. When a customer orders from you, they expect the product to be exactly what they ordered.

In case the product delivered is not what they ordered, has any type of damage, or is otherwise not acceptable according to the customer’s standards, they must have the option to return and exchange it. Such facilities should also be quick and easily available.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the ways you can ensure omnichannel excellence and deliver consistency as well as convenience to your customers through a customer centric supply chain. You can try some of these things to enhance the experience of your customers.