Move house

Selecting the right time to move into a new house falls to the bottom of your priorities. Well, it’s as essential as choosing the best movers. If you are moving into a new house for the first time, you have to be more careful about the time.

When you are choosing the right time, it will save you from a lot of issues. In the following, we will cover how furniture movers in Brisbane suggest to their clients about timing. Let’s find out.

Best Months to Move

The best time to move into a new house is from October to April. During this time the moving rates are low, so it will save a lot of money. Most families with children like to move during the summer months. So, they can avoid interruptions during the school year.

Best Season to Move

Well, if you want to move in a particular season, it depends on your requirements. Some people prefer winter or early spring to save money. On the other hand, families with school-age children prefer summertime move. If someone wants to move into a new house in mild weather, they can choose spring or fall. 

Best Day to Move

When you are moving, you need to choose the ideal day of the week. Ideally, choosing weekdays to move into your new house is the best. Most moving companies suggest moving during weekdays as the demand is lower at that time. However, if you are busy with work, you can choose weekends.

Things to Consider Before Moving

Finally, you know about the ideal time of moving. However, it can change due to the geographic location and weather. You have to consider a few things before you contact a moving company.

  • Weather

Weather is the key thing you need to consider. As we mentioned before, the moving charge changes with the weather. For example, if you want to avoid weather issues, you can choose fall or spring. Some people avoid moving during the wintertime due to the cold weather.

  • Family Concern

Family is also a big consideration when it comes to moving. It’s a big work and you need a lot of time when the movers are working. So, make sure everyone in your family is ready for the move. Plus, you have to be careful if you have school-age children.

  • Work

Work is a key issue you need to consider before moving. Even most companies prefer moving during weekdays (Monday to Thursday) for low demand, you have to check if you are busy with work or not. This is why choosing weekends can be the perfect time for moving.


Besides other things, choosing the right time is also crucial. It will prevent a lot of issues during the moving period. Although you’re moving depends on your requirements and availability. However, always consider some factors. If you want more details, you can contact a moving company. You can also start your research.