A famous French saying goes “A bad craftsman blames his tools.”

Tools and machinery are very important to construction workers, builders and renovations workers alike. While they are usually sturdy and hard living, every tool and equipment requires proper storage in order to improve their performance. UTE tray builds at Ez Tool Box are designed to protect tools and equipment while they are not in use.

Hand tools are a huge investment and require care. Proper care can even last tool for a lifetime. Keeping your hand tools maintained on regular basis is essential weather you are a mechanic or a craftsman. However, rust is a threat to all tools and preventions need to be taken. In order to prevent rust from stripping your tools try to control the environment the tools are exposed mostly in. Always clean tools before storing.

Here are a few things to consider if you want to avoid your hand tools from rusting

Sharp Edge-On Tools:

Tools’ edge sharpness increases their useliness and keeps them new. By using a bench grinder, you can quickly sharpen tools edges and blades. Before replacing tools with new ones, try bench grinder on used tools to increase its productivity level. You can even make a proper tool sharpener a part of your regular toolkit in order to keep your hand tools sharp and ready.

Controlling humidity: Humidity can cause rust in a tool. make sure your tools are dry, and your tool box or storage place is moist free. You can use dehumidifier at your tools’ storage place as well to contain the moisture and keep the environment dry.

Silica Gel: Place silica gel packs in your toolbox or tool chest. They are small gel packs of moisture absorbing gel usually found in new shoe boxes. Place them in your tool storage place and remember to change them frequently.  The packets or containers of silica gel can be rejuvenated in the oven. Simply set the oven at 275 degrees and bake the silica in a safe container with the door open for approximately 1.5 hours. It is a cheap, and compact solution to prevent rusting.

Protective Coating: Coating is the most effective way to prevent rusting. Apply thin layer of non-oxidizing oil such as machine oil or mineral oil on your tools. You can even use motor oil however, oil attracts dust too. Therefore, weekly tool maintenance should be a routine.

Waxing: Other than oil to protect tool from rust, wax paste is used. It prevents water from collecting on surface of car and in the same manner prevents tool rusting and corrosion. Apply a thick layer of wax on the tool and then wipe off. The waxing procedure should be repeated regularly as the wax wears off over time.

Rust-Removal:  Rusted tools can be fixed in a lot of ways. Properly restoring a tool and making it rust free can be done by using corrosive rust removal chemical. An alternative is to make your own rust removal solution. This can be done with vinegar, salt and baking soda. In two gallons of vinegar add two cup salt and dip the rusted tool in the solution. The longer you keep the tool the more rust will ward off. Finally, to neutralize submerge the tool in water and baking soda.