Air duct cleaning has always been a debatable subject especially since many environment protection agencies tend to believe that more contaminants enter the house through the people going in and out and routine homely activities such as cooking, cleaning, and smoking, than through air ducts. This is why many people ignore cleaning air ducts for years and let the dirt and debris collect there.

However, there’s a large majority of experts who believe that unclean air ducts can lead to rodent infestation, mold and bacteria growth within the house which can then cause diseases and compromise the hygiene of the home

When To Get Air Ducts Cleaned:

Even though vent cleaning professional in Melbourne might cost you a bit, but given that you don’t have to get it done every month and not even probably every year, it’s an expense worth it. However, before you head on to hiring a duct cleaning company to clean your air ducts, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Visible Mold Growth: If you can see a substantial amount of mold growth inside the air ducts, it’s high time you get the air ducts cleaned. Since mold inside the airduct is not so easily spotted, you  might want to hire a professional inspector to check for the  presence of mold. You may even get a laboratory test done to see if the mold is real or if it’s just some greasy substance resembling mold. Before you go about getting your duct cleaned, also look for and eliminate the possible cause of the mold otherwise it will end up growing again.

Vermin Infestation: Air Ducts are a favorite spot for the infestation of insects and rodents. Most of the wasp and bee nests and rodent population finds air ducts as the best habitat, especially since no one regularly cleans the air ducts or uses them actively to disturb the vermin population. However, this vermin population can be a big problem given that it not only allows the growth of bacteria and accumulation of germs, but also poses threat to the humans living in the house. Rodents multiply at a very rapid rate and if you don’t get rid of them sooner, they will be eating all the food around your house. It’s best to get your air ducts cleaned at least once a year to ensure no vermin population makes these ducts their permanent habitat.

If any of the above mentioned conditions are identified, it is best that you hire a professional duct cleaning service and get your aid ducts cleaned thoroughly. If you particularly have fuel burning stoves or fireplace, getting the air ducts cleaned once a year should be considered to get rid of all the ash and debris that has accumulated in the air duct. Many times, moisture also leads to contaminating air ducts, and contributes actively to the accumulation of dust.